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5 from 10 clients

BusinessKrafts is a dedicated B2B platform for digital marketing, business consulting, SEO, and website services. Helping businesses in reaching their target market and growing r..

21 to 50 employees Visit Website

I'm happy to appreciate the work done by BusinessKrafts. They worked hard to complete the project within two weeks. They are very professional and skilled. We g.. — Rajnish Kumar, IT Head, SIT


0 from 0 clients

ManekTech is a Software development company based in Phoenix, USA with proven competencies in custom software development, iPhone Mobile App Development, SharePoint, ASP.Net, Open ..

101 to 200 employees Visit Website

KMS Solutions

5 from 5 clients

KMS empowers BFSI companies to optimize operations, drive innovation, and enhance product & service offerings through the combination of cutting-edge technologies and specialized s..

1001 and Above Visit Website

We have worked with KMS Solution to build our app. They consistenly deliver high quality codes that are almost bug-free. We really pleased with the end product. — Feng Huang, Marketing, Goc Creation

Vipra Business

5 from 3 clients

We are a Technology consulting and solution provider with Headquarters in Noida and offices in US, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. With the experience, enthusiasm and commitment,..

51 to 100 employees Visit Website

The Website was delivered on time, We are very happy to see the Look and feel, Admin is so easy to manage, and we definitely are in good relationship with Vipra.. — Vinayak Garg, CEO, Mali Kaka India Pvt. Ltd.

Solid Performers

Credencys Solutions

0 from 0 clients

Credencys believes in delivering efficient and simple software solutions that create a transformative impact for businesses seeking growth. These initiatives often include adapting..

101 to 200 employees Visit Website

IDS Logic

0 from 0 clients

IDS Logic is a leading global outsourcing company with its core focus on offering web development, mobile apps and internet marketing services to clients across the globe. We have..

51 to 100 employees Visit Website

IntelliPro Solutions

0 from 0 clients

IntelliPro Solutions is a leading software development company in India.IntelliPro is a one-stop solution for all IT needs.Hire Certified.Net Developers, Certified SEO Developers a..

21 to 50 employees Visit Website

Narola Infotech

0 from 0 clients

Narola is not just another software development company, but it is an institution for global businesses to get the technical solution of complex business problems and needs. In Fif..

201 to 350 employees Visit Website


0 from 0 clients

Why Krystosoft: We understand the evolving market and merge innovation with proven methodologies to deliver cost-effective and efficient solutions that support your business's gro..

21 to 50 employees Visit Website


ZealousWeb Technologies

0 from 0 clients

ZealousWeb is a leading digital agency that strives to make a difference with ethics and creativity to provide the best technological services & digital solution in the market.

101 to 200 employees Visit Website

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